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New re-open !

Gyoo is reborning in its own ash ! After using Blosxom since 2004, I have just migrated my weblog to WordPress. I should have said start using in 2004, since not a single line has been posted since about 2 years … For the very few visitors of my previous blog, I hope you will […]

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gyoo.com is now hosted by BlueHost.com

I’m now using BlueHost.com to host my web site, following the trouble I’ve got with my previous hosting company. I’m very satisfied with BlueHost until now. 2 Gb disk space pop3 mail access ssh access And my Blog is quite faster than before !

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Zighost.com: bad webhost

One week for zighost.com to allow me to access to my web site after they have suspended it without reason, and to transfer my domain name to register.com! On advice: absolutely avoid zighost.com as web hosting company. The same trouble happened few weeks ago to one of my friend with his web site shiromi.com. By […]

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gyoo.com temporary suspended!

My hosting company Zighost.com has suspended gyoo.com today! Unbelievable! I have opened a ticket to their helpdesk, an hereunder their response: We have monitored any violated activity our terms and usage on your account. You must fix all this. If you ready for this, please confirm us again. That’s it!

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Gyoo web site just opened. A place to let me share my pictures.

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