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Synchronization of contacts is simple on Mac, but could be a nightmare on Windows.

First of all, you need iTune7.7 to perform the synchronization. After plugging your iPhone, select your device and go into the Info tab of iTunes. 4 methods are offered to synchronize your address book:

  • Yahoo! Address Book
  • Windows Address Book
  • Google Contacts
  • Outlook

I haven’t test Yahoo! Address Book, but test the 3 other ones. The best result is obtained with Outlook.

I don’t use it for email (using Thunderbird), just starting to use it to maintain my address book.

First step, you have to consolidate your address book into one of the source supported by iTunes. It could be actually the most consuming task. I had some contacts on my previous phone and some in Thunderbird address book. My previous phone provided a soft to export the directory into csv. I made the merge into an Excel spreadsheet with the contact from Thunderbird.

Google Contacts is limited. There is no field birthday, and first name and last name are merge into the same field.

Windows Address Book doesn’t import properly csv file with unicode character.

Outlook as well doesn’t import properly csv file with unicode character. Actually the problem seems to be more the way Excel is generating csv file, but the result is the same. However, Outlook is able to import a binary Excel sheet. In our Excel spreadsheet, just select the area containing all the data and give it a name.

To keep in mind the Outlook email fileds are mapped on the iPhone:

  • Email: work
  • Email2: home
  • Email3: mobile

An alternative to iTunes is to use a tiers software for the synchronization. Funambol for instance is available on AppStore on your iPhone and as plugin in Thunderbird and Outlook. Your contacts are fisrt uploaded from your PC  to a Funambol server, and after download by your iPhone from the remote server.

New re-open !

Gyoo is reborning in its own ash !
After using Blosxom since 2004, I have just migrated my weblog to WordPress.
I should have said start using in 2004, since not a single line has been posted since about 2 years …

For the very few visitors of my previous blog, I hope you will not miss the Blosxom flavor.
I use to like the simplicity of this text blog, and spend few nights to enhance it.
But Blosxom is still the same after fews years. No so much evolution, compared to the competitors. And the few hours I have spent so far with WordPress let me think not playing in the same category….
I hope I’ll post more regularly than before…

Hereunder a latest picture of my Blosxom version for the nostalgic …
Gyoo version Blosxom

Tsunami disaster in Asia

In addition, aftershocks from the December 26 earthquake occurred in Indonesia’s Aceh province and the island of Sumatra on December 29.

Reports from international media and national government sources indicate that the earthquake and tsunamis killed more than 117,000 people in South and Southeast Asia and East Africa: 79,940 people in Indonesia, 24,673 in Sri Lanka, 10,850 in India, 2,000 in Thailand, 120 in Somalia, 90 in Burma, 65 in Malaysia, 54 in Maldives, 10 in Tanzania, 2 in Bangladesh, and 1 each in the Seychelles and Kenya. Death tolls continue to rise as rescue and recovery operations access more remote areas.

How to help:

Copyright www.nytimes.comA magnitude 9.0 earthquake today, off the west coast of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, triggered massive tsunamis that affected several countries throughout South and Southeast Asia, as well as Somalia, Tanzania, and Kenya in East Africa.

BlueHostI’m now using BlueHost.com to host my web site, following the trouble I’ve got with my previous hosting company. I’m very satisfied with BlueHost until now.

  • 2 Gb disk space
  • pop3 mail access
  • ssh access

And my Blog is quite faster than before !

Zighost.com: bad webhost

One week for zighost.com to allow me to access to my web site after they have suspended it without reason, and to transfer my domain name to register.com! On advice: absolutely avoid zighost.com as web hosting company. The same trouble happened few weeks ago to one of my friend with his web site shiromi.com.

By looking up inside whois database you will find that zighost.com is actually a brand owned by Teknoline Internet (teknoline.com), located in Istanbul in Turkey…

1uhost.com, ankahost.com and many other names are used by Teknoline. They are using the data center of NAC in Parsippany in USA. But when you have to exchange email with zighost.com, after decoding their poor english, you understand quickly your are not talking with profesional…

My hosting company Zighost.com has suspended gyoo.com today! Unbelievable! I have opened a ticket to their helpdesk, an hereunder their response:

We have monitored any violated activity our terms and usage on your account. You must fix all this. If you ready for this, please confirm us again.

That’s it!

KozueKozue Japanese restaurant in the Park Hyatt Hotel in outer West Shinjuku is the best Japanese restaurant I have ever been in Tokyo.

They are cooking with the finest of the freshest fish, vegetables and meats available. Kozue also has an impressive selection of high-end handcrafted sake.

Located on the 40th floor looking west, Kozue affords as well an unobstructed view of western Tokyo, all the way to Mt. Fuji. Definitely, you have to book a table near the window.

Club PhazonThose who were at this binary music event, and those who were not!

Tonight at Laforet Museum Roppongi is standing Womb Mobile Project with DJs Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos. Difficult to say if it is a techno party or a fashion rendez-vous!

Copyright www.sanrio.comHello Kitty was born 30 years ago, on November 1st. This Japanese cat is famous as Mickey Mouse in Asia. It’s the symbol of the “kawaii” culture the Japanese people are crazy about.

Created by Ikuko Shimizu in 1974, it became a success story from 1980 with Yuko Yamaguchi.

choo kawaii !

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